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About Us

Growing together in all senses...

We are an ever evolving group of planet protectors that have chosen to share what we have, whether that's time, skill, resources or love and pioneer new communities based on kindness. We are part of the Eden Movement which is a non-religious philosophy based on growing together as a species so that we might tackle the climate crisis and the problems we face in society and choose a new, better way to do things.  

Whether it's growing food together to become more self-sustainable, creating eco villages or taking personal development seriously so that we evolve as a species, we are keen to come together and find practical solutions to the climate crisis and the problems we face as communities. We practice radical honesty and believe it's time to tell the truth. 

We have many projects on the go at the moment including creating an eco village, planting edible forest gardens, permaculture farming, biodiversity studies and a land and property consultation division.  


We also sponsor small start-ups and offer support and guidance to anyone looking to go green whether that's by retrofitting their homes or lowering the carbon footprint of their business, travel or lifestyles. Planet-conscious life mapping, coaching and therapies all available with skilled practitioners all prepared to offer their services on a 'pay what you can' basis.


All Edenkind proceeds go towards our flagship eco village project and supporting living wages for those that join us as employees. We will progress to charity status in time and offer flexible working and volunteering arrangements for those with special needs. 


Amongst our expanding team, we also have several creative projects on the go individually, so if you fancy being inspired, why not volunteer? Our non-profit organisation hosts regular events so come and join us for fabulous plant-based feasting after a day growing food, or barn building! There's often a campfire song and some deep and meaningfuls when we get together. 

These are critical times for us as a species, so working together with kindness and empathy as our main focus and not capitalist profits, we believe we can change the way live together, do business together and thrive, not just survive. 

We offer forest bathing and healing retreats at Cwm Caredig and five kilometres of nature/foraging walks in community land trust land we are calling Eden.


The nature reserve and edible forest will open to members Spring 2025.  

Our Story

We started our journey over five years ago when founders Shelley and Paul decided to sell all their assets in Devon and move to Wales to create a vegan eco village. Following Edenist principles of sharing what we have, we have been growing free veganic food and networking.  We have helped many people find each other and create their own eco-villages, grow projects, communities and even new families over the years whether at our events or gatherings or because of our strong online presence in our specific community platforms. 


With several land and property eco-projects completed and passed on to new owners, we have been working hard turning our equity into opportunities and fundraising so that we are in the best position to take our vision forward. This ultimately includes a long term plan of living alongside nature and each other in a self-sustaining intentional community that makes kindness the main focus in all our decision making. Altruism and service are key to our goals in changing the way we operate on all levels; in how we communicate, how we live, how we act and how we can change the world for the better. 

Our current team are largely made up of neurodiverse and introverted personality types who value privacy and autonomy. We love a singsong around a campfire and doing projects together but we are not wild party goers and in fact are entirely made up of introverts at the moment! We value peace and nature and meditative practices over large gatherings. We like task focussed activities and often go on foraging rambles, beach trips, river walks and barefoot grounding. All our events are sober, plant-based and family friendly. 


We have found that we work best with people who take comfort in clearly laid out guidelines for living and working in harmony with each other. We practice non-violent communication techniques and hold each other accountable because we believe feedback delivered with love is how we evolve. It means we don't shy away from the truth even when it is involves having the occasional uncomfortable conversation.  


We have a joyful, abundant approach but understand true authenticity means weathering the storms until they pass without pretence. Creating a safe space for members  to be Eyore or Tigger and still be accepted and supported is a crucial part of why we are doing this.

We have secured, along with our other acquisitions an entire valley which we are planting up to be a giant edible forest, permaculture farm and intentional community based on kindness. We practice radical honesty and regularly have what we call 'deep and meaningfuls' after sharing delicious planet-conscious wholefood together. 

We like to connect with nature and each other and also have lots of autonomous downtime to pursue our individual passions. With a healthy work/life/play/rest/learn balance, we hope to continue sharing our garden of Eden with others who share our vision. 

Meet the Founders

Shelley and Paul offer you a warm welcome and invite you to support our vision of a kinder world where we can thrive not just survive.

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Check out The Eden Movement here

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