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We are delighted to help eco-conscious individuals and land/property find each other! We sponsor community supported agriculture and have helped many people find their ideal sites for permaculture farms, rewilding and forestry projects and regularly host networking events to help people find each other and pool resources to make projects happen!


We have created several community supported agricultural farms and nature reserves ourselves and then found  the right land stewards to continue our projects, improving the land, increasing biodiversity, rewilding and planting trees. We have planted thousands of trees so far and plan to continue planting thousands more with our current and future projects.  Below are just a handful of case studies, but we have helped facilitate, create and grow many more! It might be that we can help support your project too. 

We want to see as many self-sustainable eco projects get started and flourish and are here to support anyone wishing to plant and grow. If you have any queries please email us at

We screen all our applicants and vendors, so please fill out one of our application forms if you have a serious interest in joining our growing community of growers! 

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Forest Farm @ Cwm Caredig

Our current flagship project Cwm Caredig is open to applications to join us as volunteers or community members. 

If you have an ecological land project that you think could be an asset to the rural enterprise business already established here, you could benefit from the permitted development rights of our agroecological farm whilst also retaining autonomy for your own rural enterprise. 

Please email to register your interest in the first instance, or complete a tribe seeking form!

ty bliss 8.jpg

5 Bed Townhouse, Llandysul SA44


Once a printing press, this three storey town house has been granted full planning permission for residential dwelling status on all three floors, not just upstairs! Thanks to the expert help of Micheal Howlett of Sureline, getting change of use was no problem and an affordable home has been created that is ideal for multigenerational living in a five bedroomed townhouse or as separate apartments.


With two entrances, one on New Road and one opening onto a carpark off the High street, this versatile space could be adapted for a multiple of accommodation uses and is ideally situated in the village centre, opposite the park and river with views over both. 

Freehold £195,000

New Steward Found!

The Zen Garden, Exeter EX1

With the expert assistance of Martin Armstrong, Exeter City Council Planning granted full permission for a landscaped garden with a gazebo and pergola so that this unused piece of land in the heart of the city could become a quiet place for contemplation and meditation amongst flowers and nature!

It took a while to get there, but new owner Elizabeth is delighted to steward this lovely garden in a way that increases biodiversity and will attract more pollinators like bees. 

clifton hill1.jpg

Micro-farm with Strawbale Barn
New Stewards Found! 

Fferm Heulog is a 0.7 acre roadside plot in Capel Cynon. When we found it, brambles covered over 80% of the land, but like a prince to the rescue, we hacked away at the thorns and painstakingly dug up roots to reclaim the space and create a permaculture farm and mini nature reserve. 

There was some drama here with our first (tin) barn being stolen and the adjoining land owner being very unhappy about our improving the track but we resolved all issues and were able to pass on stewardship to a wonderful couple keen to grow their own organic food and protect the natural flora and fauna that regularly visit including a white barn owl and bats and lots more.  

fferm heulog sunflower.jpg

Pi Acres 
New Steward Found

This idyllic countryside retreat In Devon had been left to rewild for so many years that a lot of work was required to regain access in. After clearing brambles and controlling the invasion of Himalayan Balsam, more native plants like primroses, bluebells, snowdrops and crocuses returned once more. 

With lots of drainage work undertaken to overcome a boggy entrance, and be able to drive a campervan in, Pi Acres became a wildlife sanctuary perfect for regeneration and meditation with its new custodian commiting to continue increasing biodiversity and caring for this very special site that adjoins a 57 hectare nature reserve.

Shelley and Paul held an exquisite handfasting here that will always make Pi Acres a very special place for us!

pi acres.jpeg
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