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Upcoming Events

  • Stamp the bracken and behead the docks!
    10 Jun, 10:00 – 16:00
    Rhydargaeau, Rhydargaeau, Carmarthen SA32 7DR, UK
    A volunteer open day at Cwm Caredig!

What's On?

We often host community events around our conservation projects, seasonal growing and harvesting, so as these events come up, we will post details here if it's a public event or invite our members to join us privately. 


There's often planting, digging, weeding and harvesting followed by food and campfire, and weather permitting, a guitar jam and sing or some 'deep 'n' meaningfuls' where we hatch plans to change the world and do good things! Last year we grew so much food we were able to donate entire crops to the local food bank. It's great to share, so come and help us do that!


We particularly welcome neurodiverse adults and children, empaths and those a little broken by the world to come and heal in nature and consider a new way of living.


Our farms always need helpers , particularly in the grow season so if you would like to learn more about our mission, feel free to email us at or complete our application form which is for both volunteers and tribe seekers/members. 

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