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'Evolve' Project Leader

Carmarthenshire, UK

Job Type


About the Role

Combining psychological know how and with a background in education, the ‘Evolve’ course will be launched this summer and aims to tackle the cognitive dissonance and other obstacles that prevent people from making changes in their lives that help save the planet.
Once written, the course will need facilitators to help run and improve it, then assist in
launching it nationally and then globally. Facilitating will be volunteer led, but if we succeed in getting grants, then it will result in a paid position in time.


We will require references and our Tribe seeking form completed for this role. If paid positions become available, we will also need a CV.

About the Organisation

EdenKind Ltd is a start up non-profit company dedicated to doing what we can to help change the way we live, from what we eat, where we source our food and how we treat each other in a bid to save the planet and prevent mass extinction. If you are passionate about facilitating that change and can lead by example, we want to hear from you! We are based in South West Wales but plan to go national and global over the coming months and years.

We will be creating a flagship vegan eco village here in Wales over the next 2-5 years, but our current priority is tackling some of the more urgent issues surrounding the climate crisis and our unsustainable ways of living. We are focussing on creating innovative food growing communities and non-violent activism to help precipitate change.

Investors that wish to ‘buy in’ to the eco-village will have to prove their passions far exceed any personal desire to ‘feather their own nests’ with more altruistic goals like promoting veganism and choosing kindness in all areas of their lives. The Eden Movement seeks to challenge many cultural norms, so only those who wish to improve their self-awareness and not shy away from being held accountable for their actions will find our community a rewarding one.

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