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Opportunity/Help to Buy

Fferm Heulog

Job Type

Oversee community farm

About the Role

Fferm Heulog (0.7 acres) is just up the road from New Quay here in Ceredigion, Wales. We have been shaping the plot into a permaculture farm and are about to replace the dilapidated barn so there will be a great indoor hub there too soon. We hope to create an own-grown food hub with a teaching permaculture farm and encourage locals to visit, volunteer and share in the abundance when we harvest. We particularly want to make it accessible to those with special needs and disabilities.

For someone who connects with the place and would like the security of making it their own farm in the long term we will offer it 20% less than market value at the end of this grow season but only if the new owner keeps the farm part of our food network and community growing for an agreed time period. Whilst we always knew the value of the farm could be an asset that would assist in the development of Vegan Valley when we needed to raise funds it’s also a crucial part of our vision and we are not just going to sell it to someone waving cash at us. You gotta be one of our tribe and understand ‘ownership’ is just a transitional step from capitalism to community. For the right person(s) we can help to buy too!

You do not need to be an experienced farmer but you do have to have a passion for growing and be willing to learn and be part of a growing number of people who feel a pull to do more to save the planet and change the way we live.

For any serious enquiries, please be prepared to do a ‘stinterview’ as a volunteer and not have commitments elsewhere.


We are looking for a fellow vegan (or a couple) to oversee the farm until the end of the season - (or possibly until next year) when we will want to sell up and channel the proceeds into the 36 acre edible forest and conservation centre near Carmarthen (Vegan Valley). It’s ideal for a local person or someone who can be onsite in their own van at least 4 or 5 days a week. We do have a heated caravan on-site but until we get permission to change the use of the barn it’s our office and community kitchen!

The ideal candidate will resonate with the Eden Movement, love our vision statement and want to help save the planet by pulling together as communities growing our own food and NOT just see an opportunity for a hobby farm or a cheap plot of land to store your stuff and have your mates round. We need someone who is around to welcome and direct other volunteers that help us at all our grow projects.

About the Organisation

EdenKind Ltd is a start up non-profit company dedicated to doing what we can to help change the way we live, from what we eat, where we source our food and how we treat each other in a bid to save the planet and prevent mass extinction. If you are passionate about facilitating that change and can lead by example, we want to hear from you! We are based in South West Wales but plan to go national and global over the coming months and years.

We will be creating a flagship vegan eco village here in Wales over the next 2-5 years, but our current priority is tackling some of the more urgent issues surrounding the climate crisis and our unsustainable ways of living. We are focussing on creating innovative food growing communities and non-violent activism to help precipitate change.

Investors that wish to ‘buy in’ to the eco-village will have to prove their passions far exceed any personal desire to ‘feather their own nests’ with more altruistic goals like promoting veganism and choosing kindness in all areas of their lives. The Eden Movement seeks to challenge many cultural norms, so only those who wish to improve their self-awareness and not shy away from being held accountable for their actions will find our community a rewarding one.

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